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Patent Drafting

The patent specification is a techno-legal document specifying the detailed description of the invention and how to make and use the invention. The grant of a patent application entirely depends on the way the invention is represented in the patent application. The specification must be written in full, clear, concise, and exact language that a person that is skilled in the technology involved in your invention could make and use your invention. Drafting of a patent specification requires technological understanding as well as legal provisions given by a patent law. The draft specification should follow the format given by the patent office.

All the pages of the specification including claims and abstract have to be numbered consecutively, starting with 1. This does not apply to the transmittal letter sheets or other forms. The page numbers should be centrally located preferably below the text. The text lines of the specification must be 1.5 or double spaced (lines of other text not comprising the specification need not be 1.5 or double spaced). The specification should be given a reference number.

A patent specification consist of the following headings :
  • Title Of Invention
  • Cross-Reference To Related Applications
  • Statement Regarding Federally Sponsored Research Or Development
  • Reference To A Sequence Listing, A Table, Or A Computer Program, Listing Compact Disc Appendix
  • Background Of The Invention
  • Brief Description Of The Several Views Of The Drawing
  • Detailed Description Of The Invention
  • Claim Or Claims
  • Abstract Of The Disclosure
  • Drawings (When Necessary)
  • Oath Or Declaration
  • Sequence Listing (When Necessary)
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