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Patent Drawings

Patent drawing is another important embodiment of a patent application. When a patent specification is drafted, it is necessary to have an illustration of drawings which can define the invention in a more efficient manner. The Patent specification should be accompanied with one or more drawings in order to enable the illustration which is incomplete only by textual description alone. This basic rule is applicable in all important patent systems such as the US, the Europe, and the PCT. The majority of engineering applications and design applications require patent drawings in order to define the scope of the claim. The drawings or photographs should contain a sufficient number of views to completely illustrate the invention and covering the claim of the patent.

Patent Drawing Requirements and Services

The requirements of patent drawings are different under different jurisdiction. Patent drawings can be demanded by a Patent Examiner in order to clear a doubt which can not be define by only specifications or during a legal proceedings or litigations as required by law of the particular jurisdiction. Patent drawings can be of following types:
  • Utility
  • Electronic
  • Medical
  • Mechanical
  • Drawing-Exploded
  • Drawings-Graph
  • Drawings-Flowchart

For filing in India, where the invention requires explanation through drawings, such drawings shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of rule 15 and shall be supplied with, and referred to in detail, in the specification, provided that in the case of a complete specification, if the applicant desires to adopt the drawings filed with his provisional specification as the drawings or part of the drawings for the complete specification, it shall be sufficient to refer to them in the complete specification as those left with the provisional specification.

Rule 15 of the Indian Patent Act and Rules 1970, as amended in 2005 provides the following requirements for a drawing submitting along with a specification in order to illustrate an invention :
  1. Drawings, when furnished under section 10 by the applicants otherwise than on requisition made by the Controller, shall accompany the specifications to which they relate.
  2. No drawings or sketch, which would require a special illustration of the specification, shall appear in the specification itself.
  3. At least one copy of the drawing shall be prepared neatly and clearly on a durable paper sheet.
  4. Drawings shall be on standard A4 size sheets with a clear margin of at least 4 cm on the top and left hand and 3 cm at the bottom and right hand of every sheet.
  5. Drawings shall be on a scale sufficiently large to show the inventions clearly and dimensions shall not be marked on the drawings.
  6. Drawing shall be sequentially or systematically numbered and shall bear
    • in the left hand top corner the name of the applicant;
    • in the right hand top corner, the number of the sheets of drawings, and the consecutive number of each sheet; and
    • in the right hand bottom corner, the signature of the applicant or his agent.
  7. No descriptive matter shall appear on the drawings except in the flow diagrams.

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