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Patent Specification Drafting

The patent specification drafting includes a written description of the claims and invention. It must be in concise, full, clear, and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the technological area related to the invention to be able to duplicate the invention. It should describe completely a specific embodiment of the process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter and must explain the mode of operation or principle wherever applicable. The patent specification drafting must point out the part or parts of the process, manufacture, machine, or Composition of matter to which the improvement relates, and the description should be confined to the specific improvement and to such parts as necessarily cooperated with it or as may be necessary to a complete understanding or description of it. The patent specification drafting should have the following sections, in order:
  1. Title of the Invention.
  2. Cross Reference to related applications. (Related applications may be listed on an application data sheet)
  3. Background of the Invention.
  4. Brief Summary of the Invention.
  5. Brief description of the several views of the drawing (if any).
  6. Detailed Description of the Invention.
  7. A claim or claims.
  8. Abstract of the disclosure.
  9. Sequence listing (if any).
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