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Patent Registration India
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Patent Law Firms

Patent law firms are privately held organization by a group of Patent Attorneys on the basis of partnership established under the prescribed laws of a country. According to Indian Bar Council, law firms in India are not allowed to advertise or promote their services and work for earning profitable business purposes. Patent Attorneys working in law firm hold a degree in Law and have a technical degree in Science or engineering. Patent attorneys have strong technical background and expertise in handling cases relating to their field of technologies.

Patent law firms guide an inventor or an applicant starting from the conceptualization on an invention till the commercialization of a patent. It helps a company to establish its research and development by providing technical landscapes which provide a technical brief from where the company can start their business.

Practice Areas
  • Prior art search such as patentability search, validity search, infringement search and Freedom to operate search, competitor's patent search
  • Providing opinion by reviewing technical literature
  • Preparation of utility and design patent applications
  • Patent landscaping
  • Tracking of application and correspondence with national and regional patent offices
  • Drafting of patent specifications
  • Preparing claim chart and analysis opinion
  • Infringement and freedom to operate opinion
  • Patent proofreading
  • Due diligence and patent portfolio management
  • Filing in India, Convention application under Paris convention, PCT application and national phase applications
  • Handling of office action in India, US, Europe and all the conventional countries
  • Prosecution in India, US, EP and in all PCT and convention countries.
  • Legal status and analysis of file history and file wrappers
  • Patent opposition and attending hearing
  • Patent renewal service in all over world
  • Restoration of patents
  • Revocation of patents
  • Preparing technology transfer documents
  • Patent licensing and IP enforcement

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