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Patent Attorney

A patent attorney is an attorney who is specialized in the relevant technical field and well verse with the patent laws. They can represent a client in the patent office during the prosecution of a patent application and advise their client in order to get a Patent. A patent agent should also qualify the exam held by the Indian Patent Office. In order to become a Patent Attorney one should be a citizen of India and should hold a qualification of minimum graduate in Science or Engineering.

A patent attorney assesses to an invention since from the day the ideas of the invention is conceived and guide the inventor or applicant on how to obtain a patent in a particular country under the prescribed patent laws. A patent attorney helps his client in the following tasks starting from the patent search and all the matters including licensing of the granted patent in order to gain profitable revenue to an attorney.

Patent attorneys Services

These are the certain kind of services an attorney provides to a client:
  • Prior art search in the technical field by using search database.
  • In depth analysis of the characteristics of the invention
  • Finding out of the closest prior art of the invention in subject
  • Patentability report/opinion
  • Drafting of a patent specification
  • Patent prosecution or office action response
  • Maintenance of patents after the grant
  • Hearing in the Patent Office to dissolve any pending issues
  • Representing the client in an opposition matter
  • Infringement/Freedom to operate analysis
  • Invalidation
  • Litigation
  • IP Licensing and procurement
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