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Patent Registration India
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Patent Application in India

The legal and first representative can file patent application in India or assignee of the inventor can file true inventor and it. Although you can jointly or personally file the application, the ones filed by patent attorneys will need a rightful proof of the assignment. It can be directly filed through a patent cooperation treaty that has corresponding Indian applications or at the official Indian patent office or even through conversational patent application. These offices or patent services are located at four areas in India, which are Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata.

The patent applications filed directly at the Indian patent office must be accompanied with a complete specification and pattern. However in case of patent filing the applicant must file the entire specification of the invention. The provisional applications must file when the invention needs some kind of perfection. However the applicant will have to file the entire specification of the invention within a year from the date of filing. When patent application is filed, with entire specifications, the controller would have the right to convert it into interim one.

The provisional patent application specifications must include a proper title with a some drawings if required and/or model or written and brief description or sample if needed. However a complete specification would also include the deposition like microorganisms and best mode claims apart from the aforementioned.

If you want to complete specification application, it must be filed before 12 months of the date of filing provisional specification which make sure that every specification includes a unique invention. If in case you think it can be a lot complicated for you to personally file a patent then consider choosing professional Indian patent lawyers who would complete the entire procedure.

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