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Patent Watch

Patent Watch is a routine process carried out in a corporation for monitoring newly issued patents or published patent applications or any non-patent literatures. Patent watch may be performed in a quarterly or monthly basis. The main purpose of patent watch is to monitor the newly published granted or published patent applications and share the opinion with the technical people to find out if any of they might be of their interest.

In addition to this, patent watch also help the company to feed with the information and latest technology pursuant to the company's business interests and research and development strategies. The patent watch report is such that any of these patents covered the product or the process of the company then the company is risking of being sued by the patent owner for patent infringement. In such a situation the company can seek for a clearance opinion from an Attorney to least show that their product or process is different and does not fall within the scope of such issued patents.

If the attorney is of opinion that the product or the process of the company is indeed falls within the scope of the patent then the company immediately takes up the following measures to avoid the expensive litigation in the court:
  • Modify the product or process so that it do not infringe
  • Seek a license from the Patent Holder
  • Invalidate the patent by finding out the evidences.

If the company is interested in invalidating the patent, then it might do a novelty search to find out that there is prior art which can invalidate the patent.

Patent Watch Services

Patent watch services can be tailored according to the requirement or specific area of focus to provide the latest patent or non-patent literature information based on the selected criteria. It can be of the following:
  • Subject Matter
  • Class/Sub-class
  • Assignee
  • Authors
  • Inventor/ applicant
  • Legal Status
  • Expert analysis report/ raw data / information.

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