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Patent Analysis

Patents are extremely important when planning the business portfolio of technological companies. Therefore, analysis of the recently published patent applications and patents is one of the most important tasks of the innovation based company. Patent and applications are published in a very frequent manner now-a- days and in this fast moving lane, one has to watch any update and analyze the patents in the relevant field.

Patent analysis can be different purposes as per the requirements of the project. Some of them are :
  • Patentability analysis
  • Infringement analysis
  • Freedom to operate analysis
  • Analysis of prosecution history
  • Technology analysis on the basis of the published patents
  • Analysis of patent portfolio of competitive company
  • Patent mapping relevant to a technology.

All the above categories serve different purposes. However, before carrying out any kind of analysis, it most important step is to carry out an exhaustive search in the field and being shortlist the relevant patents or patent applications which are relevant for the particular technology. Patent analysis is carried out in order to help the R&D scientist, attorneys and business developers to improve their research or strategy accordingly. For conducting a patent analysis, it is very important to fully read the patent and understand the disclosure. Above all these, the analyst must check the priority date, date of expiry and legal status of the particular patent or application in a country.

Patent Analyst India

Patent analyst is person who is skilled to conduct analysis of the patents, non-patent literatures in a relevant technology. The role of patent analyst is to summarize the disclosure of a patent in concise and clear manner, identifying the key features of the technology such as what is new or improvement in the patent etc. The patent analyst classify, code, and index the patent according to the subject area, so that it can easily enables the customers to quickly find patents of interest. The scope of a patent analyst in India is much widened in the recent past dude to the increase in demand of the technically skilled analyst in research and development centers, outsourcings companies and law firms.

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