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Patent Registration India
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Free Patent Search India

Performing a free patent search in India is the most reliable way of discovering whether any similar applications or patents exist, which may be relevant to your invention or could affect the outcome of your own patent application. The Free Online patent search is one of the most fastest, powerful, and easiest ways to find out right information about patent. This patent search is only for accurate information, but every possible effort has been made to ensure accurate results.

Free Patent search in India is conducted before preparing the patent application to determine whether the invention is novel and non-obvious or not for patenting based on the published prior art that currently exists. Patentability searches cover patent search of the published and granted applications of the major patent offices as well as domain relevant non-patent literature. Every inventor conducts Patent Search to confirm that his invention does not violate with any other earlier patented invention. An authorized invention is the property of an inventor which helps the inventors to do such search and gives the consolidated result to the inventor.

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