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Patent Trademark

Patent trademark is a process for patenting a trademark, which is the exclusive right of inventor to, protect and prevent others from using same or identical trademark. Patent trademark protection plays major role to allow inventors to prevent others from using, same trademark without obtaining permission from the inventor. Patent Trademark provides protection to the owner of the mark by ensuring the exclusive rights to use in to identify the services or goods from other's services or goods. It works like a weapon in the hand of registered proprietor or owner of the mark to prevent other traders from unlawful use of the mark of the registered owner. The registration of a trademark will give the exclusive right to the use of the mark in relation to the goods in respect of which the mark is registered and to obtain relief in respect of the trademark in the manner provided under the Act.

The trademarks protect your toys' names and logos; your toys' branding is protected. Your unique distended doll should have distinctive names so you can do things to protect them.. No one can use Barbie for a name because you will be violating its trademarks. This is a little expensive and not all toys should be covered by it. The best way is to ask for legal advice from a lawyer to see if it makes sense to apply for trademarks in your own case. Aside from being expensive, this is also the hardest to get. As an inventor of cute plush toys, it's good to know that you probably won't need them. But like trademarks, it's best to ask for legal advice from a lawyer.

Patent Trademark Search

To search a Patent trademark can be overwhelming because you want a great name with a unique and clear vision at your product. A Patent trademark is so important for an individual or company, in effect that prevents a newly formed business from being able to enter the market under an existing name, or making a similar product with the same name, which could potentially confuse consumers.

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