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Patent Registration India
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Patent Drafting in India

In general, Patent applications are drafted with the assistance of patent attorney in India, who has the technical background as well as legal background or patent law expertise, specialization in patent law and experience. In order to get a patent for an invention, the invention should have the patentability criteria such as inventive step, industrial application, novelty and also disclosure of technical information to satisfy to practice the invention by a person skilled in the art. The patent applications in India are submitted and drafted to the patent office, first and foremost to disclose the technical information to the public and to get the exclusive right for a defined period which is being claimed by the patentee in the application. To writes patent application, the person should have the capability of understanding the area of invention, so that he would be able to draft the application to meet the patent application condition. To understand the area of the invention, the technical person can only able to differentiate with existing technology and can able to bring the novel feature and inventive step of the invention in the technical expos´┐Ż and background of the invention.

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Patent Drafting Services India

We offer patent drafting services with completely client satisfaction at affordable price that's handled by our highly skilled and expert patent attorneys, who provide guidance and advice to satisfy client's requirements and expectations completely in India. Our mission is to enhance customer satisfaction through offering qualities patent drafting services in India.